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Drawing from Nature and the primary elements of the universe, Jana Swec’s unique approach to painting can be characterized as a blending of the abstract with formal depictions of the natural world. Her art evokes a mystery that seems free from convention, gimmicky effort or messaging.  Jana’s inspiration is framed around the horizon lines of expansive landscapes and moody ocean vistas where there is a convergence with the sublimity of natural forms.  Themes that motivate her works often deal with the energetics of relationships. Whether that is interpersonal or societal, it is in deeply feeling the dynamics of relating and observing the vastness of a collective mind that inspires her imagination.  Jana has created a body of work that has appeared in scores of gallery exhibitions around the country. She has also executed large-scale murals for public art and architecture in Austin’s downtown district and Eastside. She has developed a noted presence in her local art community of Austin, TX, not only as a prolific creator but also as a devoted advocate for the visual arts in Texas.

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