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Danny Chu's goal as a painter is to evoke emotion in the viewer. While his paintings depict realist scenes, they are primarily attempts to understand the connection between his sense of visual harmony and his emotional response. He experiments with contrast on multiple levels to create the drama and energy of each piece. In this way, his work speaks for itself.

Whether he is painting an evocative landscape or carefully arranging objects in a still life, Chu strives to capture that moment when his aesthetic sense and the reality of the subject collide. To him, art is at its best when it functions without verbal support.

Chu grew up in Shanghai, China, and always enjoyed drawing as a child. He pursued his dream of becoming an artist by attending college to study painting and drawing. After graduating with a BFA degree in painting, he taught at the college for three years before coming to the United States in 1989 to attend graduate school at Mankato State University in Minnesota. After receiving his MA degree in painting, he moved to New York to pursue his artistic dreams. While working as a textile designer, he continued to paint, and now, he lives in Norcross, GA, where he devotes himself full-time to painting and showing his works throughout the US.

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